Solar Lighting System

The Unique and Cost Effective Solar Street Lights and High Power Solar Floodlight/Spotlight Tower

Shivasp Group is one of the leading global companies in the field of renewable energy. For the first time in the world, Shivasp has released its own solar lighting systems as well as solar street lights enjoying unique features with no limitation of power at affordable and competitive prices in international markets.

An affiliate of Shivasp PJSC, is one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of power distribution and renewable energies. This affiliated company specializes in modern design in the lighting industry using solar energy in different dimensions. They design, Produce and implement solar lighting systems.

Different types of street lights and fixed/portable powerful solar floodlights with unique features are manufactured by this team of experts at our own factory.

Shivasp PJSC R&D team have invented a new technology for the production of solar lighting system which led the company to be the only manufacturer of fixed and portable high power solar floodlight/spotlight tower as well as solar lighting system for highway and street light with supporting more than 10 cloudy days in the world .

Based on our know-how, technology, intelligent power management system, manufacturing LED floodlight and projectors which are integrated with our system, our product has following advantages comparing with other solar lighting systems:

Increasing Lumens of the system

Reduced the total price

The weight and volume of our system is much lower than other solar lighting system manufacturers

Supporting more than 10 cloudy days with 2-6 hours charging, our system works more than 100 hours.

Making floodlight/spotlight tower in high power

Increasing life time of the system

Very low maintenance cost

For solar lighting tower, we have no limitation for required power even 4000 watts with 400,000-500,000 lumen depending on type of LED we are using in our system.

Our system can be used in different applications such as:

Street Lighting


Park Lighting



Roadway Lighting


Fence Lighting


Pathway Lighting


Campus Lighting


Parking Lot Lighting


Boat Dock Lighting


Yard Lighting


Remote Area Lighting


Sidewalk Lighting


Shopping Mall Parking Lighting


Private Road Lighting


Factory Yard Lighting


Roundabout Lighting


Ramp Lighting


Monument Lightin


Farm and Ranch Lighting


Wildlife Area Lighting


Countryside Projects




Sport complex


Golf course


Tennis court


Stadium and …

Our high power solar floodlights, street lights and park lights range from 30 watts up to 400 watts or more depending on consumer’s needs. Our products are produced with no limitation of power and applicable in any climate, making them comparable with global trusted brands. Furthermore, the innovative technology used in the mentioned lighting system has been certified by Science and Technology Department under the vice president of Islamic Republic of Iran as a knowledge-based product.

Advantages of Shivasp solar lighting systems (SLS)

  1. Increasing the reliability of the system in terms of LOLP index (turning off due to the Loss of Load Probability).
  2. Remarkable cost reduction due to the inherent innovation of the product.
  3. Ability to choose the optical pattern in accordance with the installation location.
  4. Lighting from sunset to sunrise (adjustable to favorable lighting hours).
  5. Significant increase in luminous flux relative to power consumption.
  6. Longer life time compared with similar commercial products.
  7. Light weight structure and customer-based design.
  8. Resistant to water and dust penetration.
  9. Auto turn on-off with ambient lighting.
  10. Having CE and ISO9001 standards.
  11. Simple and cost free maintenance.
  12. No risk of electric shock.
  13. No electricity cost.