Insulations & Coating Materials

Herewith, a brief introduction to the companies which Shivasp group is their exclusive agent and distributor in Iran territory can be found.

Our company promotes, distributes and manages all projects relating their products.

Acotec - Shivasp

Acotec is the worldwide provider in the field of environmentally friendly coatings offering the unique combination of being the manufacturer as well as controlling the application (either by doing it ourselves, or by working with approved applicators). In this way, Acotec controls the whole logistics chain from coating production to the application and quality control. Hence, Acotec can offer insured warranties up to 10 years, unavailable elsewhere in the industry.

The coatings are branded under the name Humidur®: anti-corrosion and anti-fouling coatings are available as well as a top coat. For more information go to

Furthermore, Acotec is an expert in the corrosion field, starting from the inspection of the corrosion mechanisms and the corroded steel, followed by methods for cleaning and repairing corrosion damage, to the final Humidur® corrosion protection. With over 30 years of experience, Acotec supplies, protects and customizes equipment for the marine, offshore, petrochemical, shipping and energy industries. Examples of the equipment are: limpet cofferdams, pipe robots, automated spray equipment, …

Humidur® is the brand of protective and marine coatings developed by Acotec. With 30 years of expertise in anti-corrosion coatings, anti-fouling coatings and top coats, Humidur® offers solutions to a wide variety of markets: the offshore oil and gas market, petrochemical industry, shipping, marine industry and energy market.

Aeroflex - shivasp

Since 1978, AEROFLEX® has been manufactured by Eastern Polymer Industry Co., Ltd. Through all these years of continuous development, Aeroflex has become the world’s leading manufacturer of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene) synthetic rubber based closed cell light weight elastomeric thermal insulation with multiple manufacturing operations in USA, China, India, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Thailand. The insulation is marketed under the brand AEROFLEX® which is the ideal EPDM insulation with outstanding physical properties for chilled water, refrigerant, hot water pipings and air duct system in HVAC&R industry. AEROFLEX® has been widely recognized and installed in many international high standard buildings for energy saving and preventing condensation. From January 1, 2013,Aeroflex Division becomes an independent company, named Aeroflex Co., Ltd. (AFC).

Aeroflex - shivasp

With over 200 years of experience and tradition behind us, the Color Division does business in four specialist areas: wood protection, passive fire protection, anti-corrosion for sheet metal roofs and varnishes and adhesives for wood flooring. At Amonn we see ourselves as an innovative specialist in this sector.

The production sites for the various lines work in tandem with the research laboratories which are constantly testing and monitoring product quality.

The headquarters of J.F. Amonn is in Bolzano where the management and administrative offices of all the divisions are based. This is also home to the main logistics warehouse for the Color Division. Its strategic location near the exhibition centre is ideal for dispatching our products to markets the world over.

The sales office of the Color Division and the main production sites for the Amotherm and Stufex product lines are in Ponte nelle Alpi, in the Belluno Dolomites, also home to the research and development and quality control laboratory.

Zibido S. Giacomo, on the outskirts of Milan, is the location for the engineering and technical assistance department and the marketing and key account offices for the AMOTHERM brand of passive fire-protection products. These offices are of particular importance given their proximity to the major research and certification laboratories and the major engineering study centres for this sector.

The associated company AMONN COATINGS, in Korneuburg just 20km outside Vienna in Austria and 100% controlled by J.F. Amonn S.p.A., is home to the R&D department and production site for the LIGNEX and BESSEMER product lines.

This facility also produces some of the AMOTHERM products destined for Central Europe.

Amonn & L’Aquatech, located in Bangkok (Thailand) is the result of a joint venture with a long-standing local partner and it manufactures and markets products for our passive fire-protection line destined to meet the needs of the Asian markets which are highly developed these days.

SolaCoat - shivasp

Coolshield International

Solacoat, available from Coolshield International Pty Ltd is a certified award-winning range of heat reflective coatings that offers a sustainable solution to reduce heat build-up in buildings during hot summer days.

Solacoat is a revolutionary water-based acrylic coating that contains a unique

membrane additive, which reflects the suns solar rays, whilst assisting in reducing

greenhouse gas emissions for buildings that are air-conditioned.

Due to its unique membrane additive, Solacoat will reflect visible, infra-red and

ultra violet rays from the sun, as well as release the surface heat build up as the

sun is going down due to its good emissivity.

The percentage of the rejected solar rays will vary depending on the actual colour

being applied, and the percentage of the solar rays being rejected, are based on a

newly coated roof, either being a corrugated, flat or pitched roof.

Architecturally, Solacoat presents an exceptional appearance, durability with

excellent waterproofing properties and a protecting coating in lieu of standard paint

finish coatings.

Solacoat is cost effective, as it only requires 1 x 50 micron thickness wet of primer

and 2 x 50 micron thickness wet of topcoat applied to the surface (i.e. a 3 coat


The benefits of the product are:

  • Assists in reducing greenhouse gas emissions for air-conditioned buildings
  • Assists in providing better working conditions to non air-conditioned buildings during hot summer days, such as factories and warehouses.
  • Assists in inhibiting rust, corrosion and thermal expansion, ensuring durability
  • Assists in protecting properties and assets that are heat sensitive
  • Assists in better energy efficiency
  • Assists in reducing cooling electricity costs
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly and safe to use
  • Assists in conducive and liveable environments
  • Contains anti-fungal and anti-mould properties
  • Easy to apply
  • 10 year limited Guarantee
  • Manufactured in accordance to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008
  • Certified by ASTM International Standards a globally recognised leader in the
  • development and delivery of international consensus standards

Solacoat coatings can be applied to Tiled, Metal, & Cement Roofs, and Timber,

Brick, and Cement Walls. Solacoat can also be applied to many external structures,

such as metal and plastic storage tanks, piping, and even canvas.

Beele - shivasp

Every moment of the day, in every business, in every situation, the threat of fire hazard is present. For over three decades Beele Engineering has specialized in passive fire safety, in the form of systems which prevent the spread of fire and fumes via cable and pipe installations. With our superior sealing technology for cable and pipe penetrations we have become the undisputed Number One in this particular specialization.
Not only the power of water, but also the damage caused by seeping water, is generally underestimated. Beele Engineering has therefore developed a range of advanced options to control these risks in a professional way. Regardless of whether the risks are related to low or high pressures or shock loads, our systems enjoy an excellent reputation world-wide. We are prepared when it really comes to the most challenging applications.

Edilteco - shivasp

1981: Edilteco was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Modena.

Their mission: to generate research and living comfort through building. Here start construction and sale of thermo-insulating mortars, made of vergin-expanded polystyrene beads, cement and additive.

1982: Production and sale of lightweight, thermo-insulating mortars made of expanded polystyrene beads for substrates.

1983: Production and sale of technologies for the refurbishment of old structures.

1987: A first project of internationalization was realized. The company starts with the production of industrial lines and additives for the exclusive use of Edilteco Know How.

1989: Production and sale of special materials REI 180 certified for fire protection.

1995: Edilteco opened the first foreign branch “Edilteco Benelux”, located in Fleurus.

2001: The French branch “Edilteco France” was established.

2004: Edilteco obtains ISO 9001 quality certification.

Production and sale of noise insulating materials and birth of the division dBred noise Reduction.

2006: The first overseas branch “Edilteco South America” was founded with headquarters in Buenos Aires.

2008: Starting of the ECAP production line, an exclusive Edilteco patented product.

2011: Anti-vibration products are launched on the market, thanks to dBred range.

2016: Launch of the revolutionary acoustic mat to be sprayed on site, GUM GUM Spray.

Rockwool - shivasp

The ROCKWOOL Group was founded in 1909 and insulation production started in 1937. The Group’s head office is located close to Copenhagen. In 2015, the Group generated net sales of EUR 2,208 million. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange. ROCKWOOL Group operations have a large presence in Europe and Russia, a rapidly growing position in North America, and facilities in Asia. With more than 10,500 employees in 37 countries, we are supporting customers worldwide.

At the ROCKWOOL Group, we are committed to enriching the lives of everyone who comes into contact with our products. Our expertise is perfectly suited to tackle many of today’s biggest sustainability and development challenges, from energy consumption to noise pollution and water scarcity to flooding. Our range of products reflects the diversity of the world’s needs, supporting our stakeholders in reducing their own carbon footprint along the way.

Stone wool is a versatile material and forms the basis of all our businesses. With more than 10,500 passionate colleagues in over 35 countries, we are the world leader in stone wool solutions, from building insulation to acoustic ceilings, external cladding systems to horticultural solutions, engineered fibers for industrial use to insulation for the process industry and marine & offshore.

ROCKWOOL© Technical Insulation, a subsidiary of the international ROCKWOOL Group, is the worldwide market leader in technical insulation. With our two product lines: ProRox and SeaRox, we cover the whole industrial market and marine & offshore industry, providing a full range of products and systems for the thermal and firesafe insulation of technical applications.

Besides sustainable products we offer reliable expert advice, from documentation to delivery and after sales service. Throughout the whole chain from specifier, through dealer to contractor and installer we aim to add value. We don’t just sell products, we supply solutions. It’s this total approach that makes us the ideal choice for professionalism, innovation and trust.

Shivasp group also has close business relations with the following companies:

BIFIRE - shivasp

BIFIRE®, a leading manufacturer of products for thermal insulation and fire protection in construction, industrial and marine environments, manufactures highly technological and innovative products, enabling the completion of projects that would otherwise be impossible.
BIFIRE® has a range of technologically advanced products which can be combined to make a custom solution perfectly tailored to the needs of each single customer. So not just one solution, but the best solution for each customer.
BIFIRE® has made innovation and technological development its raison d’être.
This means predicting the needs of the future, creating a competitive edge for our customers in their markets.

ISOLMANT - shivasp

Isolmant has been a successful player in the construction market since 1976, initially offering soundproofing products and then adding their heat insulation line. A powerful and important presence, striving consistently for innovation in construction systems and products, the company has made significant contributions to introducing and maintaining concepts that today are highly esteemed and appreciated across the construction industry. Isolmant’s history is built on the passion and professionalism of the people whose intelligence and hard work have built the company’s reputation for over thirty years.

  • over 30 years of experience in the sector
  • over 70 produtcs in the range
  • 20 countries served in the world
  • 100.000.000 mq of horizontal insulation underlay sold
  • 7.000 mq of warehouse space
  • over 10 product innovations introduced to the market

Isolmant’s mission is to provide construction companies, designers and all kind of user, with a range of innovative solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation.